Parental Involvement Is the Key to Success at Westminster

Here at Westminster School, we have a very tightly knit community. The students all know each other very well, but—in addition—there’s also a very close parent community as well.

Once we accept a child into Westminster School, we’re committed to seeing that child through the program. This requires the support of the support of the parents as well. As long as they have a strong team behind them, we will make sure they stand on the stage for 8th grade graduation.

Westminster builds a strong foundation, which allows children to move on to succeed in later years. John Popp, who is the father of a 5th grader at Westminster, tells how his daughter is growing into an amazing young lady because of the support of the Westminster team.

Teacher Garfield Cross also tells that his daughter, who is a lawyer, and his son, who is a physician, often reflect back on their time at Westminster as a strong foundation for their successes in life.

While the school administration and teachers are supportive, the fact is that parental involvement is key to your child’s success at Westminster. We invite our students’ parents into the school to volunteer, as well as to come and play on their own—such as in the parents’ basketball team, acting troupe, or community events.

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