The History of Westminster Lives on Today There is a lot of wonderful history behind Westminster School. As Headmaster Ellis Glover explains, the school was founded by Jane Goll in 1962. In 1971, when she decided to build the school, Glover’s father built the first phase. In fact, he built all five of the first phases of Westminster.

Glover’s life with Westminster started in 1976, when he started as Jane Goll’s assistant. He has been Head of School for 20 of his 37 years of service. When the sixth phase, the Jane Goll Center, was built, Glover’s family ties continued through the building process, when his brother served as a consultant.

At Westminster, we focus on upholding Jane Goll’s teaching philosophy, which is what our school had been built upon. To learn more about Westminster or to schedule a tour, call 703.256.3620 today.