Our Westminster Teachers Are Passionate About Learning

https://www.westminsterschool.com Here at Westminster School, our teachers specialize in what they teach. They are passionate about and love what they teach, which is what sets them apart.

Every aspect of the Westminster curriculum, philosophy and mission is addressed throughout the years that the children attend Westminster, and it creates a great sense of comradery amongst the teachers, as they all feel that they’re part of something bigger than just what they’re doing in their own classrooms.

First Grade teacher Rachel Scheer explains that what drew her to Westminster is the fact that she would only be teaching two subjects, along with a co-teacher, in a single grade. This was of great interest to her, because her passion lies in teaching reading and writing, which is what she gets to do every day at Westminster. The teachers also meet together to discuss lesson planning, as well as ways to help children who may need a bit of extra support in order to gain responsibility for their schoolwork.

Even our students can recognize the level of passion their teachers have for teaching their specific subjects. They can see that, by the way their teachers communicate the curriculum to them, they understand that the teachers really do care.

If you’d like to learn more about how our teachers work to provide the best education for our Westminster students, call 703.256.3620 today. https://www.westminsterschool.com/practice_areas/a-virginia-private-school-s-educational-approach-to-providing-excellence.cfm