The Foster family pledges $5,000 to Westminster School for their annual fundraising campaign - What Can You Do?

I just pledged $5,000 in response to my kids school fundraising challenge - think I’m nuts?

Not really – what’s nuts is not being able to get an excellent education in a nurturing environment. No one seems to care anymore!

Many years ago, when my wife Charlotte and I were looking into schools for our kids, we toured many schools in the Fairfax area - public and private. We were looking for something special - it was important to us that we find an environment where our kids could flourish and grow.

Fast forward 16 years - we now have 3 westminster graduates, and now 1 in 1st grade and another in the griffin academy preschool. So, we see, first hand after years and years of consistent focus on being “excellent”, the results of the partnership we have with this amazing institution.

A few years ago I had the privilege and honor to become a member of the board of trustees. It opened my eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes. Honestly, I was floored at what the school has been able to accomplish within the confines of the strict budget they adhere to.

It become immediately clear to all of the trustees that we needed to raise additional funds to get many of the programs off the ground for the kids – programs like the new field, new books, computers, raises for the excellent teaching staff that works so hard to serve our children and the families of Westminster School.

I have always given as much as I could each year to this school, as many others have, and for which the school community and the children and families appreciate so much. NO matter what it is, whatever you can afford. It all helps the betterment of our children.

This year my wife and I agreed to step it up, and to that end we will be donating $5,000 on top of the $1000 that we already committed.

I challenge my fellow trustees, and the many families of alumni we have befriended over the years to do what YOU can too.  We owe that to Westminster School, the kids, the teachers, and the legacy that needs to shine brightly on into the future for many other generations to come.

Thanks for stepping up and doing what you can.