Fairfax Parent That Found A Great School and a Welcoming Community

There are many choices in Fairfax County for excellent schools including the public schools.  How can a conscientious parent make an informed decision?  The right school is all about the fit, and it's one of the most important decisions parents can make with regard to their child's development.  Sarah Page speaks about this very process, and how she and her husband searched for the perfect school for their daughter.  As their family considered school choices due to a military transfer from the U.K. to the U.S., Sarah knew that they were looking for a place that would go above and beyond their expectations.  They wanted to ensure that their daughter, Millie, would continue to receive the superior education that she had been receiving.  The Pages also wanted to make sure that when they returned to the U.K. that Millie would not be left behind.  Looking for more than just a place for their daughter, the Pages also looked for a school that would help them navigate the transition from overseas.  Luckily, they found Westminster School -- a small private school located in Northern Virginia. Sarah and her entire family were embraced by the school community, and other parents were glad to explain new traditions, holidays, and the nuaces of a Westminster education.  Millie has not only fit in with her classmates, she has really taken off academically and socially.  Although the Pages thought they had high expectations, Westminster School has actually exceeded them, and the entire Page family is thrilled and very thankful for the experience.