Westminster School Prepares Your Children For Life

Five years ago, Mr. Glover said the following simple, but powerful sentence, to us and similar prospective parents at that year’s open house: “Westminster school prepares your children for life”. Time and time again, we have seen his powerful words being operationalized in our child's Westminster School life. It is very hard to list the numerous ways we have silently observed the operationalization of his powerful words, but we have listed some of them: the CBRB books and the life lessons that the kids dig out from them; the sound writing skills that build a firm foundation and prepare them, not just for high school, but most importantly for college and life work beyond that ; the curriculum, which makes them think concepts of applicability of math and science, but goes beyond that and enriches their life and quickens their insight and foresight about life and governance through history; the art curricula, which opens up their internal as well as external eyes to the amazing art world and provides them with a compass of how to navigate through it; the values of being courteous, respect for others irrespective of their socio-economic background , and hard work that weaves through and touches their daily life; the focus on encouraging and guiding students to think for themselves in each class, to dig and find kernels of knowledge in each facet of each subject which paves the way to produce leaders, and not just followers; the yearly plays that they do which grooms them for something much higher , the attainment with ease and grace the art of public speaking; above everything else, the great teachers, especially the 3rd and 4th grade teachers, who care deeply for the progress of  our child   as a full human being and not only in their subject area. It has been priceless for us to discover in the past five years, in our child's life, how Mr. Glover’s words of five years ago, were not an empty promise, but rather he knew and meant what he was saying.   

Westminster Parent