Westminster School - Making an Impact

Westminster School holds high standards of conduct and academic excellence. It believes in allowing each child to rise to the challenge of meeting and exceeding expectations. It has a team of strong leadership to include the headmaster and wonderful, wonderful dedicated teachers and administration. We have a 1st grader and a pre-k (4) student attending the Griffin Academy of Westminster, and our experience has been beyond what we hoped for with both of them. They are each challenged academically and they each have art, music, French, and theatre performances that involve every child. What I love the most is their excitement and joy in going to school and in learning! I know it will get harder as we progress through the grades, but nothing easy is worth doing. Wtih added focus on manners, civility, comraderie, and trying their best, this school outshines so many other private schools in my opinion. It has so many graduates working for the school as teachers and such longstanding traditions of value, we couldn't be happier with our decision. We look forward to our years ahead and our future Westminster graduates!

—Submitted by a parent