Westminster School - Making an Impact

Westminster is as good a school as I could ever have hoped and dreamed to find for my children. Its academics are advanced and its teachers are enthusiastic, caring, and well-versed in their subject matter. The policies may be stricter than at other schools I have encountered, but they are extremely fair and my children are thriving in such a developmentally and academically stimulating environment. The challenging classroom structure is balanced by the many body and soul activities. At Westminster, the children have athletics every day and it places a great value on the performing and visual arts as well. I am confident each day I drop my children off for school that Westminster is helping them grow not only intellectually, but ultimately preparing them take their place as citizens of the world. If you are the type of parent who appreciates firm, but compassionate guidance and who wants your child to learn that the point of doing anything is not necessarily the outcome, but rather the work that has gone into it the process of striving to attain a goal, the journey itself as it were - then Westminster is the place for your family.

Westminster Parent