Developing Teamwork and Cooperation . . . Sports Programs

In an extension of the Physical Education Program, Westminster encourages students to participate in organized sports through an after-school sports program. In addition to enhancing their physical fitness and skills, participation in team sports provides an important opportunity for children to strengthen desirable qualities of character, such as determination, self-discipline, cooperativeness, modesty, resilience, and respect for others. Moreover, the experience of striving vigorously to meet the challenges of competition is one that stretches the human spirit through hardship, struggle, and triumph (or honorable defeat)--lessons rich in possibility for any individual.

Westminster is a founding member of the Capital Athletic Conference (CAC), a league of approximately 10 area private schools who organize competitive seasons in several sports. Westminster sponsors Junior Varsity girls’ and boys’ teams, comprised of 5th and 6th grade students, and Varsity girls’ and boys’ teams, comprised of 7th and 8th graders, in soccer, basketball, and softball. Westminster also fields teams for track and field and cross-country events. There are no try-outs for Westminster travel teams; any student who wishes to participate may join the team, and Westminster provides the team uniforms. In addition to the CAC competition, the P. E. Department sponsors a winter-time, intramural basketball program for students in grades 5 – 8.

While an appropriately competitive attitude and continuous improvement of game skills are important aspects of the sports program, the highest value held by Westminster teams is good sportsmanship. Among the many winning banners that grace the gymnasium walls, Westminster is proudest of those it has earned for sportsmanship.

The 2013-2014 school year was especially good to the Varsity girls. The basketball team became CAC champions when they finished their season undefeated as the first ranked team in the conference, and also finished first in the subset West Conference Division. The Varsity girls’ basketball team defeated The Langley School in the championship game, earning the top spot in the league and their first basketball trophy since 2008. Four of the conference’s All-Star Athletes were girls from Westminster.

The Varsity girls also enjoyed successful seasons in cross-country and softball. At a major cross country meet in October 2014, in a field of more than 500 participants from all nine league schools, Westminster JV boys finished in 3rd place and JV girls finished in 2nd place. The Varsity girls’ softball team finished third in the regular season, and second in a conference-wide tournament.