Griffin Academy Goals

Preschool (3- and 4-year olds)

The overall goal of the Griffin Academy is to provide a nurturing learning environment for preschool-aged children. Daily routines explore various topics, including academics, as well as social learning. Children are encouraged to use proper manners, learn to respect themselves and others, and to work and play together harmoniously.

The academic program for the three-year-old classes introduces children to letters and their sounds, numbers, science through nature, social studies through community, music, art, French, drama and free-play. The children experience indoor and outdoor play, structured and non-structured time, quiet and active times during the day.

The academic program for the four-year-old classes helps to prepare the children for kindergarten. Older four-year-olds (those who are five by December 31), are placed in the junior kindergarten class. Both classes are exposed to a phonics-based pre-reading/reading program that helps to prepare them for the joys of reading. Story-time is part of the daily routine and children are exposed to classic children’s literature, nursery rhymes, and poetry.