Curriculum Highlights: Technology

Internet Use: Projects that include a written report, an oral presentation, and a creative component are required several times each year for students in grades 3 through 8. Since internet sites may be of benefit to students as they prepare assigned projects and research topics of special interest to them, Westminster students are introduced to the internet for research in the 3rd grade and are guided about safe and appropriate research web sites.

At Westminster, we believe in establishing a solid foundation in writing and fine motor skills for our younger students. Therefore, all work prior to 5th grade must be done by hand, “neatly, completely, and with pride.” Cursive handwriting is introduced in the 2nd grade and is required of all students for all work beginning in the 3rd grade. Once students have been introduced to typing (see below), longer assignments may be completed using a computer.

5/6 Technology: Formal technology classes begin in the 5th grade at Westminster School. The goals of the 5th and 6th grade technology curriculum are to:

  • familiarize students with computer terminology;
  • introduce students to computer fundamentals;
  • define hardware and software basics;
  • teach proper keyboarding skills;
  • promote responsible and safe use of the internet;
  • teach students how to maintain privacy on the internet; and
  • provide instruction on Microsoft Word so that students are able to write and edit a paper using this software.

7/8 Technology: Technology classes for the upper school focus on word-processing accuracy. The goals of the 7th and 8th grade technology curriculum are to:

  • continue to develop proper keyboarding;
  • learn the essential skills of Microsoft Word, including creating and saving documents, printing, editing and formatting text; and
  • introduce students to Microsoft PowerPoint and effective use of this software to prepare presentations for class.
  • The major emphasis of this course is to introduce students to the software needed to produce papers and presentations at a level that will be helpful in high school.