Student Resource Program

In 2009, the Student Resource Program was started in order to provide both student and teacher support at every level. Primarily formed in order to help struggling readers, the Resource Program grew in its first years as it began to accommodate all types of learning situations. The SRP now serves many purposes. Whereas other schools charge additional fees for the extra help, Westminster School provides this program to all students who might need it for no extra charge. Usually, services are provided during the school day; however, classes may also be held before and after school, when needed.

Below is a comprehensive list of services provided by the Student Resource Program, as well as other responsibilities that belong to the Student Resource teachers.

  • assessment of learning weaknesses (math/reading)

  • remediation of learning weaknesses (math/reading)

  • individual learning plans

  • study skills

  • essay writing help

  • test-taking skills

  • high-school essay prep

  • high-school test prep

  • ESL services (ESL certified teacher on staff)

  • language help

  • ERB, standard testing review

  • summer workbook  review and distribution

  • teacher support

  • enrichment program for advanced students

  • student publishing opportunities

  • manage/provide home-based computer tutorials

  • manage ALEKS math program (for advanced math students)

  • individual academic assessment/tutoring

  • provide additional, computer-based support programs such as Spelling City (spelling support) and Wordly Wise (vocabulary support)