Admissions Checklist

  • Schedule a Campus tour and/or attend open house (Optional, but Recommended)

Click here to schedule your visit.

  • Submit an Application:

To begin the process, parents are invited to submit an application online. Alternatively, parents may download the paper application here.  The application must be submitted with the $100.00 fee.

The application deadline for the first round of offers is February 14, 2020. After this date, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis in grades where space allows.

  • Schedule Testing:

Students entering grades K-3 will be tested on campus.  Contact Mrs. Nancy Schuler at [email protected] to schedule testing.  

Students entering grades 4-7 may take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) or the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Register for the SSAT at  Our school code is 8136. Register for the ISEE at   The school code is 427576.​ ​On-Campus testing is also available for grades 4-7.  Contact the admissions office to schedule an appointment.​

  • Submit Supporting Materials:

The deadline for supporting materials is February 28 (if applying during the first round). Supporting materials must come directly from the child’s current/previous teacher and/or school.

  1. Transcripts/Progress Reports:  The Transcript Release Form must be printed and signed by both parents/guardians.  The signed form should be submitted to the applicant’s current school.  The current school should send these reports directly to Westminster School.  Parents may not hand-carry or mail these documents to Westminster.

  2. Teacher Recommendations:  Please click here to access the necessary teacher recommendation form(s).  These forms must be printed, signed by the parent, and submitted to the child’s current teacher(s).  These recommendations are then to be submitted directly to Westminster School by the teacher.  They may not be hand-carried or mailed to Westminster by the parent.

  3. Classroom Visit:

Students applying for grades 1-7 will spend day shadowing a current student enrolled in the same grade.  Contact Mrs. Nancy Schuler at [email protected] to schedule your child’s visit. Students entering kindergarten will spend a play date in the pre-K classroom.​

  • Parent/Guardian Interview

Once the admission process is complete, parents/guardians will be invited to meet with the Admissions Director.  This appointment affords parents the opportunity to ask additional questions and review the results of the on-campus testing (if applicable).  It will also be an opportunity for the Admissions Officer to share with parents additional information about the Westminster experience.  Both parents and/or guardians are asked to attend this meeting, which usually lasts approximately one hour.

​Thank you for your interest in Westminster School.  We look forward to meeting your family!