Lower School Visual and Performing Arts


Music Classes (twice a week)

Lower-school music classes provide a pleasurable environment in which students learn the basic elements of music literacy.  The students enjoy activities that emphasize listening, rhythm, percussion, choral speech, and group singing. In first and second grades, students progress to reading and writing simple music notation, increased use of percussion instruments, and playing the recorder.  All students perform in choral programs twice yearly.     



Art Classes (twice a week)

In Westminster’s large, naturally lit art studio, lower-school students are guided through a variety of projects which introduce basic art processes, skills, and media.  Projects are based on the child’s current life experiences or imaginative play life, and often relate to topics under study in the academic classrooms. Students also learn about the work of different artists, and discover much through mimicking a particular artist’s approach. Throughout the year, each student produces a portfolio of work, and all students have a work included in the annual, school-wide art contest.


As part of Westminster’s school-wide Drama Program, kindergarten through second-grade students present a play each school year. Every child has a speaking part, and most productions include group singing. Participation in this important class project develops imagination, self-confidence and poise, group cooperation, and provides an opportunity to be recognized and celebrated by the entire school community.