Lower School Specials

Library (once a week)

Each week, lower-school classes visit our beautiful, well-stocked library.  In addition to story-book readings by the librarian and time to peruse books for check-out, the students benefit from a library curriculum delivered throughout the year. Topics include types of books, how they are organized, authors and illustrators, and interactive lessons on how the library is organized. The mission of the library is to help instill the love of books and reading in all the children.

Physical Education

In addition to daily outdoor recess, lower grade students enjoy daily P.E. classes. Organized activities and games develop general fitness and conditioning, coordination, movement and dance skills, manipulative activities, and game skills.  Classes also emphasize age-appropriate health awareness as well as social skills.  Beginning in 5th grade, students have the opportunity to join after-school teams for league competition in soccer, basketball, and soft ball.  An intramural basketball program is offered during the winter months.