Lower School: Social Studies/History

Social Studies/History

The Social Studies program for kindergarten is based on the understanding that children at this age are beginning to reach beyond themselves toward an understanding of their environment.  Activities help students focus on themselves, their families, school, community, and nation. Students learn about Native Americans and Pilgrims in early U.S. history, and are introduced to the concept of laws and government.

As well as continuing studies of family and community, first-graders explore the idea of country through the basic symbols and structure of government in the United States. Discussion and activities based on international holidays encourage awareness of other nations and cultures. Appreciation is nurtured for outstanding contributions made by individuals throughout history.

The second-grade history curriculum broadens students’ understanding of life in America and the world. Through use of a timeline, historical figures and events are introduced and discussed. Along with factual recall, emphasis is placed on the reasons why historical events took place. Students are encouraged to understand their own importance in contributing to and sustaining the America of the future.