Lower School: Science

Hands-On Science

The kindergarten science curriculum introduces students to the processes of observation and systematic analysis of the natural world. Through discussion, class work, creative projects, and many hands-on activities, the students are guided to discover, explore, question, and reflect on different aspects of their everyday surroundings.

The first-grade science curriculum is organized into three broad categories:  physical science, earth/environmental science, and life/nature science.  Investigative activities, supported by reading, allow the children to actively explore their immediate world. Each topic of study is carefully selected and presented to capture the children’s interest and nurture in them the analytical skills and attitudes appropriate to the scientific approach. 

Second-grade science continues to explore the areas of life science, nutrition and health, earth science, space science, and physical science. The students enjoy myriad opportunities to practice the scientific method, by observing, comparing and contrasting, classifying, measuring, recording and inferring.