Curriculum Highlights: Languages


French is taught to all students in grades K-8.  As the language of one of the great civilizations of the Western world, and as the second greatest contributor to the English language (after Latin), the study of French is an important component of a classical education. 

Students in grades K-2 are introduced to French language and culture through word games, songs, puppet shows, and role plays, with an emphasis on vocabulary, general comprehension, and enjoyment.  Formal study of grammar, reading comprehension, speaking, and writing begins in 3rd grade and progresses through the 8th grade, with steady progress toward complete language immersion in the upper grades.  Graduates of the program generally place out of two or more years of high-school French. 


It is estimated that more than 60% of English words trace their origin to Latin.  Knowledge of Latin is an enormous boon to all who need to speak, read, and write  English. The study of Latin also greatly enhances the students’ appreciation of the great civilization of Ancient Rome, a focus of their history/classical studies.  Latin is added as a full-time subject in the 7th and 8th grades.  The two-year program comprises the first year of high-school Latin.