Curriculum Highlights: Language Arts

Fundamental to the entire program of Westminster School is a belief in the life-transforming power of great books.  The Language Arts Program is designed to introduce children to that experience and to enhance their response to the greatest degree possible.  The strongly phonics-based program in grades K-2 promotes the love of reading and ensures reading mastery at an early age.  An integrated program of reading comprehension and literature appreciation, vocabulary building, spelling, grammar, and penmanship, as well as expository and creative writing, is taught in all grades.  In addition to classroom studies of classic works of literature, all grades also participate in the Junior Great Books program, which promotes critical thought and discussion of high quality literature.  Teachers in all disciplines work to promote writing across the curriculum, and attention is given to oral and written English skills in all subjects.  An additional Reading Resource Program is in place, which serves to identify students in need of remediation or enrichment, tailor individualized programs, and analyze individual, grade, and school-wide standardized test results.