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Whether it’s Kindergarten Reading or 8th grade Geometry, our curriculum is taught according to time-tested methods, which ensure solid understanding, promote critical thinking, and require a high level of oral and written articulation. Classic works of literature are emphasized in English and History classes, including works from Ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, as well as 19th and 20th century British and American classics.  Core to the curriculum is a six-year (grades 3 – 8) sequential survey of the history of Western civilization. This remarkable course of study culminates in a study of American History, with an emphasis on the Constitution. Graduates understand that the ideas upon which our country was founded—and which are now inspiring democracy movements around the world—did not spring from the ether, but were seeded in ancient Western civilizations and developed through the centuries. While public schools are cutting curricula to focus on “measurable success” in reading and math, Westminster passionately upholds the importance of a well-rounded, liberal arts education.

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