Curriculum Highlights: History & Classical Studies

History & Classical Studies

A cornerstone of the Westminster program is its History/Classical Studies curriculum, a six-year, chronological survey of Western civilization.  In 3rd through 8th grades, in-depth examination is made of the great civilizations of the West in terms of historical events and personages, daily life, and contributions in social structure and government, science and mathematics, art and architecture, mythology/religion, and literature.  These include “cradle of civilization” cultures, with an emphasis on Ancient Egypt; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; the Middle Ages; the Renaissance; the Age of Exploration; and American history through the Civil War.  This in-depth, sequential approach to history provides students not only with a remarkably thorough knowledge of historical facts, but also with a highly enriched context for understanding and appreciating literature, art, architecture, music, and other cultural phenomena.  Graduates leave Westminster with a clear understanding of the influence of earlier Western civilizations on the origins of American government, values, and culture.