Curriculum Highlights: Mathematics

The Mathematics Program provides a thorough understanding of basic mathematics; encourages the perception of mathematics as useful and important in everyday life; promotes the independent use of mathematical reasoning to solve problems; increases enjoyment of mathematics; and establishes a solid foundation for higher level studies. The design of the Mathematics Program is based on the belief that a child’s understanding develops from the concrete to the abstract. The curriculum begins with what the student already knows when he/she enters the classroom and relates math knowledge to real experiences. Manipulatives such as shapes, Cuisinaire rods, play money, counters, and games are used to guide students toward an understanding of numbers and algorithms.  Students learn a variety of problem solving techniques and practice them repeatedly in the solution of reality-based problems. Pre-Algebra is taught in 6th grade.  All students complete Algebra I by the end of 8th grade. Qualifying students may complete Algebra I in the 7th grade and Geometry in the 8th grade.