K-4 Enrichment Classes: General Policies and Procedures

Payment Information:

Payment in full is required at the time of registration through the ActiveCamps network.  Fees will not be prorated or returned for absences, illness or a change of plans. 

Please note that the K-4 Enrichment Program takes place only on full school days and does not take place on half-days, scheduled holidays, or on days when school is canceled or closed early due to inclement weather or emergency response.  

Dress Code for Sports and Dance Classes:

All students are expected to wear clean and serviceable clothes appropriate for an active class.  For example, athletic shorts, t-shirt shirt or sweatshirt, socks, and clean tennis shoes.  Children may wear clothes of their choosing with the following exceptions:

  1. No spaghetti straps or cropped tops (shirts showing the navel or midriff);
  2. No offensive or inappropriate advertising, characters, or graphics on clothing articles;
  3. No ripped clothing or cut-offs;
  4. The hemline of shorts or skirts should meet fingertip length when arms are relaxed at the sides.

Students may wear shoes of their choosing.  Shoes should be comfortable, fit properly, and support the feet.  In the interest of safety, flip-flops, sandals or shoes without a heel strap will not be allowed.

Students participating in soccer should wear the proper outerwear depending on the temperature. Shin guards should also be worn to protect the students from the typical physical contact experienced when playing soccer.   Every effort will be made, on a daily basis, to have the students outdoors.