7th grade Visits Sheridan Mountain

Posted on Oct 08, 2013

The 7th grade traveled to the Sheridan Mountain Campus in Luray, Virginia for a weekend filled with fun, friendship, and exciting challenges.  The goal of the trip is twofold: The main focus is to begin to forge strong bonds among the students. This is an overall goal of the upper-school, and the Sheridan trip helps by presenting challenges to the students that can only be overcome through teamwork.  In addition, the activities challenge each individual student to face and overcome fear in order to conquer uniquely different outdoor obstacles.

The first challenge is a giant ladder, fifty feet tall, with rungs six to twelve feet apart.  The children climb with a partner and try to reach “Mt. Everest” together through strategy and cooperation.  Each team sets its own goal and works in cooperation to reach the desired result.  The objective is not necessarily to make it to the top but to exceed their expectations.

The second challenge is a giant swing where each child decides how high to go and when to pull the cord to start the free swing.  The children support each other to get to the top, which is 40 feet above the ground.

The third and most difficult challenge is the” leap of faith. “  After climbing a 35 foot telephone pole the children must stand on top and then have the “faith” to jump out to try to touch a bell.  It takes great courage to achieve this feat.  It was a great lesson for the children and all felt a tremendous sense of achievement by making it to the top.

We returned to Westminster on Saturday tired but fulfilled with the awesome experience of working together to face exciting challenges.  (An added challenge was battling the thousands of stinkbugs at the mountain campus, but together we were able to overcome this as well!)