Westminster Traditions

Traditions at Westminster School

As busy and engaging as their classroom life is, students soon take their place and delight in the greater world of Westminster School, especially through its many joyous traditions. Some favorites are listed below. On all days, and especially at these special events, the younger children truly enjoy and benefit from their interactions with the older students. The older children act as role models and, as they go about their own learning adventures and special activities, provide glimpses for the younger ones into an exciting future.

Back-to-School Picnic

Early in the school year, the Westminster Parents Club (WPC) hosts a picnic for all school families, including staff, alumni, and friends. Under the benevolent eye of their school community, the children enjoy delicious food, organized games, and the delight of playing freely with their friends in the golden light of late afternoon.

Halloween Parade

Boo! Children and parents alike enjoy this beloved tradition. The children are thrilled to show off their Halloween costumes in an outdoor parade after traversing a “spooky walk” lovingly created by the maintenance staff and populated by costumed teachers. The big moment is provided by Mr. Glover, Ms. Glazier, and the 8th graders, who cook up a different, wacky skit every year. Special Halloween treats are provided by the room parents on this exciting day.

Hat Day

Just before Fall Break, the entire school—children, teachers, and staff—turn into mad hatters, each one wearing an original hat that expresses his/her personality and interests.


Students in all grades compete in this program to raise funds for drama program and theater improvements. Three collection periods throughout the school year allow children to fill a cup with spare change to donate to the cause. Individual and class top donors are recognized at fun assemblies, and the overall winning class is treated to a special outing near the end of the school year.

Cookie Party

Each year, just before Winter Break, the entire school gathers in the gym for a holiday party. The Room Parents provide and serve holiday cookies and punch to the joyous crowd. Each grade shares a holiday song with the assemblage, and “Santa” and his North Pole entourage (aka, the 8th graders) always make an exciting appearance. This beloved tradition, while including some customs of the Christmas season, is all-inclusive of our multi-cultural community. Peace, love, and joy are the messages to one and all.

Class Plays and Music Programs

How the children look forward to their opportunity to perform on stage in their annual class play! Much preparation, effort, and teamwork go into creating a magical presentation, and the memories created in drama last a lifetime. Almost as exciting is the opportunity to see all the other grades’ plays throughout the year. The winter and spring music programs provide additional opportunities for art, self-expression, and beauty. The children blend their soaring voices, creating a special meeting place for all hearts.

Sports Day

The year closes with this much-anticipated, all-school event. Students are grouped into multi-grade teams for a day-long series of outdoor, fun competitions. A picnic is provided by the WPC, and winning teams receive prize ribbons at a special awards assembly.