School Community

School Community

The atmosphere of Westminster School is one of warmth and refinement, where social exchanges are conducted with respect and courtesy. There is dedication on the part of everyone involved with the school to the highest standards of conduct and academic achievement. An example of excellence is set for the students at every level: in the character and work ethic of staff members; the careful maintenance of school facilities; the professional dress code observed by the staff; the attention to detail in every presentation, from bulletin boards to play programs; and in the gracious hospitality evident at all gatherings. Proper and professional decorum is maintained within the school, and at all Westminster events.

Within this setting, there is a familial atmosphere at the school. The small enrollment makes it possible for every child to be known to all the teachers and administrators. The school policies of tolerance, kindness, and inclusion mean that each student is welcomed and respected as an individual, and encouraged to develop in all areas. Working closely with the school staff, the Westminster Parents Club provides a venue for parental involvement in the school and a strong social network for Westminster families.

Non-discrimination Policy

Westminster School admits students without regard to gender, race, religion, color, or national or ethnic origin; likewise, the school does not discriminate in the administration of its educational policies, personnel policies, or other school programs.  Harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment, is against Westminster School policy. A parent or student who has questions or concerns regarding the implementation of school policies should address those concerns to a member of the school administration.

Student Body and Enrollment

Westminster is a school for all children who are likely to respond to the challenge of formalized instruction in a disciplined learning environment. It is neither intended for nor equipped to serve children who are learning disabled or those with serious emotional or behavioral problems. Westminster’s student body reflects the diversity of the greater Washington area, with children from many ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Enrollment remains between 280 and 300 boys and girls each year, with class size limited to 18 students (or fewer in the lowest grades).

Westminster Parents Club

Westminster parents are an integral part of the school community. In choosing Westminster for their child, parents become partners with the teachers and school administration not only in educating, but also in raising their child. Parental support and involvement are key to their child’s enjoyment and success at Westminster School. In addition to enjoying frequent communication with their child’s teachers, all Westminster parents are members of the Westminster Parents’ Club (WPC), whose mission includes both fundraising and “fun-raising.” The WPC organizes many events throughout the year which generate school spirit and provide fun social opportunities for our families and staff.

Family Fun Nights are very popular events hosted by the WPC, when families come together for casual and enjoyable evenings. Bingo nights, movie nights, and karaoke nights are all favorites. In addition, the WPC hosts the annual back-to-school picnic and welcome-picnic for new families. A lovely teacher appreciation luncheon is held at the end of the year to thank the teachers and staff for their dedication to the students throughout the year. In addition, the WPC hosts a number of adults-only events, the most popular of which is the annual themed spring auction. This event is a great fund-raiser for the school as well as a wonderful opportunity for parents to have a night out without the kids.

The WPC also organizes and facilitates monthly Fun Lunches. Parents volunteer to deliver pizza lunches to the classrooms one Friday every month. They also run a school store in the mornings where students can purchase needed school supplies.

The parents even put on their own play! Parents act, sing, dance, produce and do back-stage work to show their children that they too are willing to risk themselves in performance. The children love to see their parents on stage, and the parents earn a respect for their children who perform in a show every year.

The WPC meets several times a year to discuss ways to support the school’s efforts. The WPC president and board also meet with the headmaster to discuss plans for the year.