Inside Our Classrooms: Physical Education - Fall 2013

The Westminster P.E. classes have been running for ten minutes twice a week in class to “travel” the country of Greece. One of the themes of the school year is to appreciate the cultures of the past that have contributed to our present society, and what country has added more to the world in past cultures than Greece? The classes began in Alexandroupoli in the eastern corner of Greece and headed to Athens. Each day, the classes ran an average of 200-plus miles, so students quickly arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece’s cultural city. The students have learned about Athens, Kalamata, and Agrinio on their journeys and have logged so many miles that the school ended up in Algeria! The P.E. staff researches each new city of the trip and posts information on the history, culture, citizens, and landmarks for the children to visit. It has been an enjoyable unit, and, hopefully, each child has learned a little about Greece and its impact on our culture.