Inside Our Classrooms: Music - 2013


It is so nice to enjoy the many talents of Westminster students through the singing and instrument lessons during daily classes. The Kindergarten Class is learning how to read rhythmic patterns and how to play all the Orff instruments. The first graders have been learning about the different musical notes and how to properly write sheet music during their weekly music classes. Second graders practiced playing the drums and singing.

The third-grade class visited the Kennedy Center, enjoying a spectacular presentation by the National Symphony Orchestra. They really enjoyed listening to the best orchestra in the United States and also learning how music speaks a different language. Meanwhile, the Fourth and Fifth Grades are working diligently to achieve a perfect sound and a more fluid music reading. 

The sixth graders worked really hard these past weeks and stayed very late for rehearsals for their musical Pinocchio. When the day came, the show was a complete success! Parents and teachers involved truly made this production possible. Lastly, the eighth-grade class visited the rich history of music from the Renaissance to the Classical Period.