Inside Our Classrooms: Art - Fall 2013


The addition of the StarBoard has radically changed the history component of art class. Now able to view artwork on a much larger and more detailed scale, students can develop a greater appreciation for these works. Video also plays a prominent role in the classroom, with a wealth of documentaries, biographies, and adaptations of artists and their creations. 

Recently, the Seventh Grade viewed a video about the marble quarry where Michelangelo hand-picked his monumental blocks and that is still in use today for contemporary artists. The cutting and extraction of the blocks from the quarry was demonstrated, and the workmen moved the block down the mountainside using the same methods Michelangelo used 500 years ago. 

Second Grade watched a short video created by an artist/filmmaker who was greatly inspired by Edvard Munch’s The Scream, which they are now studying in art. Being able to watch actual footage of Andy Warhol silk-screening provided the Fifth Grade with a tutorial on this type of print-making. 

These images and videos help the students more deeply understand each artist and artwork, giving them a glimpse of the artists’ inspiration.