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  • Westminster School Community The atmosphere of Westminster School is one of warmth and refinement, where social exchanges are conducted with respect and courtesy. There is dedication on the part of everyone involved with the school to the highest standards of conduct and academic achievement. An example of excellence is set for the students at every level: in the work ethic and character of staff members; the careful maintenance of school facilities; the professional dress code observed by the staff; the attention to detail in every presentation, from bulletin boards to play programs; and in the gracious hospitality evident at all gatherings. Proper and professional decorum is maintained in all relationships within the school. This is apparent not only during the school day, but at all Westminster events as well.
  • Westminster School Traditions As busy and engaging as their classroom life is, lower-school students soon take their place and delight in the greater world of Westminster School, especially through its many joyous traditions. On all days, and especially at these special events, the younger children truly enjoy and benefit from their interactions with the older students. The older children act as role models and, as they go about their own learning adventures and special activities, provide glimpses for the younger ones into an exciting future.
  • Westminster School Shakespeare Windows In December, 2005, Westminster School unveiled twelve, 4’ x 4’ stained-glass windows dedicated to the plays of William Shakespeare. The windows were designed by and created under the direction of Tourne Shipman at SGO Design Center of Northern Virginia, using the stained-glass overlay method. These unique art works are showcased in a superbly crafted, wrap-around wooden cabinet which is mounted in the school’s main, skylight corridor.