Why should I pay to send my child to a private K-8 school?

The years from age 3 to 14 are the most formative in a person’s life. Character, attitude, sense of self, work ethic, and expectations of life’s possibilities are all shaped during this crucial span from infancy to young adulthood. The right school environment can make a profound difference in a child’s development and future. Public schools strive to serve large populations with widely varying needs, all within a huge, cumbersome bureaucracy. An independent school is a more accessible and effective partner in helping parents raise happy, confident, well-educated, and high-achieving children. The highest quality education is not guaranteed by the latest educational trend or the most computers in each classroom. It is not defined by numbers. It is one which teaches the child how to think clearly and independently, how to make good choices, how to develop and direct one’s talents to good purpose, how to present oneself with poise and articulation, and how to live in a way that is beneficial to oneself and to others. It is the result of a well-honed philosophy and a carefully designed program, consistently and effectively implemented. An independent school is more likely to offer a well-defined, consistent, and effective approach to child rearing and education. A school that shies away from discomfiting anyone has a difficult time upholding high standards of integrity, comportment, courtesy, and presentation. In trying to achieve the laudable goals of inclusion and tolerance, public schools have suffered diminishment of both academic and behavioral standards. An independent school can set and uphold high standards for students and staff. A school that must accommodate everyone cannot best serve anyone. Large populations with vastly differing needs, shifting educational theories, the pressure for political correctness, and the one-size-fits-all approach of government regulations hinder the development of a strong and effective educational program. Public schools are under enormous pressure to fulfill widely varying public and governmental agendas. An independent school is free to strive for genuine excellence.