Why should I choose Westminster School for my child?

For more than 50 years, Westminster School has provided a superior elementary and middle-school education whose fundamental goals for each child are a disciplined and well-informed mind, strength of character, dedication to learning, generosity of spirit, and joy in the possibilities of life. A well-trained and dedicated staff know how to translate these ideals into daily reality for each child. Westminster provides an accelerated academic curriculum of exceptional quality and depth. Students are challenged to meet high expectations of effort and accountability. At Westminster, striving for excellence is not just a bumper sticker; it is a way of life. Westminster students are steeped in classic literature, study in depth the great civilizations of the Western world, learn French and Latin, relish hands-on science labs and advanced math classes, enjoy daily Physical Education. They go on numerous field trips each year, learn to dance, attend weekly art and music classes, and thrill to outdoor adventures. Extra-curricular activities include Sports Teams, Builders Club (community service), Orchestra, Chess Club, French Club, Mathcounts, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Olympiad, and more. Every student performs in a play every year, building poise, confidence, and the courage to share his or her talents. In Westminster’s well-rounded program, strengths are celebrated and weaknesses are strengthened. At Westminster, a well-honed philosophy and firm, yet loving teachers guide children toward good character, kindness, courtesy, a strong work ethic, and excitement about their own potential. Westminster offers a truly exceptional learning experience for one of the lowest independent school tuitions in the greater Washington area.
To learn more or arrange a visit, contact the Admissions Office at 703-256-3620.