Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Why should I send my child to Westminster School?

    Westminster offers a superior academic program of exceptional depth and thoroughness in an environment which nourishes excellent personal qualities in each student. Its program is grounded in a well-considered philosophy for raising and educating children, providing a strong partnership for parents who want the best for their child and want their child to evolve into his/her best self. The advanced, integrated academics, rich extracurricular program, and traditional environment of respect, responsibility, courtesy, and kindness provide a significant alternative to other public and private schools. Westminster is an institution of integrity, and parents can be assured that what the school promises is what will be delivered.

    Kindergarten – 2nd grade students get a strong start with a highly effective, phonics-based reading/writing program, a math program that stresses reasoning and a solid grounding in math facts, hands-on science, an introduction to history/social studies and geography, French, art, music, daily PE, library, and Junior Great Books. Children in grades 3 – 8 continue to develop this core curriculum, working 1 to 1 ½ years ahead of their peers in public school. In addition, daily history/classical studies classes trace the history, culture, art, and literature of Western Civilization, providing students an in-depth understanding of its development and an extraordinarily rich context within which to understand the foundations of American government and values.

    Upper-school (7th/8th grades) students at Westminster are in high-school level courses in all subjects, e.g., biology in 7th grade, physical science in 8th grade. In addition to French, they add Latin to their language studies. All students complete Algebra I and highly motivated students have the option of completing Geometry.

    Westminster’s emphasis on the arts provides exceptional opportunities for students in all grades to discover and nurture their creativity and talent. All students participate in the arts, including formal classes in art and music, with the option of orchestra training. Dance classes and performances, talent shows, and art and poetry contests are an important part of school life. Through the drama program, all students perform in a play each year. The repeated experience of preparation and public performance helps children develop self-expression, self-confidence, and poise.

    Finally, no description of the Westminster curriculum and program can capture the unique atmosphere of warmth, optimism, and elevated purpose that permeates the school. Westminster students feel that they are part of a very special, loving community that expects the best from them and has their best interests at heart—and they are.