Careers at Westminster School

Westminster School welcomes your interest in employment with the school.  

Westminster School prides itself on its warm, welcoming, and diverse community.  A small school environment calls for staff engagement beyond the walls of classroom, office, and job description.  The school’s unique mission and philosophy provide inspiration and clarity of purpose for all employees, from business manager to bus driver.  We are united in our intention to deliver not just an excellent education, but an extraordinary experience, to our students.

The structure of employment at Westminster School falls into three main categories:  faculty, maintenance/custodial/bus, and administration.  Further details and open positions are listed below.

Resumes or statements of interest are welcome at any time in any employment category, and may be sent to the appropriate school representative (link below).  Such resumes/expressions of interest will be kept on file and, should a suitable position become available, the applicant’s interests and qualifications will be considered at that time.

Teaching at Westminster School:  General Information

Westminster School provides a classical education, including emphasis on character development, with specialists teaching at all grade levels. We seek experienced, enthusiastic, and well-organized elementary and middle-school classroom teachers with educational or experiential background in one or more of the following subjects: English (reading/ literature/language arts), math, history, science, and French.  Generally, the teacher will teach his/her special subject to two sections each of two grade levels, daily, plus provide additional help or homework supervision (during the school day) on most days.  A curriculum guide is in place for all grades/subjects, and teachers are guided and mentored by an experienced team leader and subject department chair, in addition to a supportive administrative team.  In addition to academic classes, general duties include daily homeroom supervision, frequent parent communications, arranging and chaperoning class field trips, and (in grades K-6) helping to direct an annual class play.  

Westminster teachers enjoy small classes, engaged parent community, high academic and behavioral standards, competitive salary and benefits, and outstanding collegial and administrative support. 

We seek individuals who are enthusiastic about classical education, knowledgeable and passionate about their special subject(s), who can embrace Westminster's mission and philosophy, and who meet and promote high expectations. Requirements include bachelor’s degree (minimum) plus two years’ classroom/relevant experience.  Master’s degree is preferred.  

Current/Anticipated Faculty (or related) Openings: None

Please send resume and cover letter to [email protected]

Maintenance / Custodial / Bus:  General Information

Westminster School prides itself on its beautiful, well-maintained facility, including a 6-acre campus, school building, maintenance headquarters, separate business office / admissions suite, gardens, parking lot, and fleet of school buses.  Our buildings, grounds, and buses need skillful, dedicated, and loving attention, which is provided by our maintenance (full-time) and custodial (part-time) crews, as well as bus drivers (part-time).  Full-time positions are compensated with an annual salary and benefits package.  Part-time positions are compensated with an hourly wage and, depending on hours per week, benefits.

Requirements for employment include relevant work experience, references, English fluency, and criminal background check.

Interested applicants may email personal information, work history, and references (required) to [email protected].   

Current / Anticipated Maintenance / Custodial / Bus Driver Openings:  None

Administrative:  General Information:

Westminster School is managed by a small team of administrators and administrative assistants who carry out a variety of business, school management, and marketing functions.  Administrators work full-time, year round, and are compensated with an annual salary and benefits package.

Current/Anticipated Administrative Openings:  None


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