Giving ~ The Griffin Fund

DonateThe Griffin Fund comprises all donations to Westminster School.  This fund is a vital component of the school’s income and continued success as an independent school.  While tuition pays for the basic program and operation of Westminster, The Griffin Fund helps lift school offerings above “basic,” and directly benefits the students in a number of important ways:

  • To enhance technology, learning materials, curriculum expansions, and field trips/activities that support our teachers’ efforts and our students’ experience inside and outside the classroom;
  • To further develop capital projects, such as the much-needed Griffin Field and the exciting plans for a new, “state of the art” upper-school facility;
  • To help fund scholarships for outstanding students from the surrounding community who would not otherwise receive the life-changing gift of a classical education.







Westminster School is a non-profit educational institution.  As with all non-profit schools, philanthropic support is an important part of how Westminster meets its financial goals.  Since its founding by the visionary Jane Goll in 1962, Westminster School has evolved steadily and grown to become the model of excellence it is today. Among comparable independent schools in the area, Westminster provides an outstanding and unique  elementary program (Pre K-8) for the lowest tuition.

The high costs of maintaining and improving Westminster’s excellent program, and furthering plans for the future, require income beyond revenue from tuition. Your unrestricted donation to THE GRIFFIN FUND will help bridge the gap.  This fund supports the day to day experiences in our students’ life.   New textbooks, technology upgrades, field trips, reading resources, and faculty salaries are just a few examples of what your donation will support.

For more than 50 years, giving and volunteering have been mainstays of Westminster’s philanthropic tradition. We are grateful to our loyal donors – current families, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty and staff, corporations, vendors and friends – for their financial support, and to our volunteers for contributing invaluable gifts of time, energy and talent to the school community.

We THANK YOU for your continued and generous support!




This year’s giving period is July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.   

Please consider making your gift or pledge online today!

2013-2014 Goal:  $250,000.00
Current Amount:  $90,876
Participation of Current Families:  16%
As of Date: 02/11/14