Griffin Field ~ Buy a Brick/Buy a Plaque

Building the New Griffin Field

Approximate Site Cost: $3.2 Million 

Project includes:

  • Synthetic turf, multi-use athletic field;
  • Extensive site work related to field installation, including bleachers and fencing;
  • Storm water management improvements, including coordinating new drainage system with existing underground system;
  • Relocation of playground;
  • Campus walkway to the field;
  • Additional and reconfigured automobile and bus parking.

The walkway will be created placing the pavers in a Herringbone design.    The color of the engraved bricks will be in a natural onyx with the 4x8 black onyx pavers bordering the walkway. The gym wall will be the home for the plaques.  The plaque will be cast aluminum and painted.  A small Griffin will be placed on the top center with room for your inscription below.

The pathway will be a gathering place and a site for many events. Don’t miss out on having your brick or plaque viewed by generations of students and their families, teachers, graduates, and visitors to our school. This is a great way to make a gift to the school and leave a special memento of your years at Westminster. 

Don’t miss the chance to immortalize your child’s name, family name, or a loved one with a commemorative Westminster brick paver or plaque.

As a donation to the Griffin Fund, participation in the Buy-a-Brick or Plaque campaign is 100% tax deductible.  All donations received in this current campaign will be eligible for the Buy-A-Brick and the Buy- A- Plaque program.  A payment plan can be established to fit all budgets.   

Help us build Griffin Field, fill out the form below to donate and buy your brick or plaque today!  

NOTE:  If you have already donated, you can still submit your brick information below and will not be asked for additional payment once you hit Submit.

Headmaster's Circle Level 1 Brick: 
4”x 8” brick paver for every $1,000 donation (3 lines/13 characters per line)

Headmaster's Circle Level 2 Brick: 
8”x 8” brick paver for every $2,000 donation 
(6 lines/13 characters per line)

Founder's Society Level Brick: 
12”x12” brick paver for every $4,000 donation 
(9 lines/18 characters per line)

Emeritus League Level Plaque: 
Plaque for every $10,000 donation


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