Founder’s Day at Westminster School

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Founder’s Day at Westminster School

Tuesday, September 5 is Founder’s Day at Westminster School.  On this day, which marks the 25th anniversary of Mrs. Jane Goll’s demise, we pause to recognize and celebrate the exceptional life and legacy of this outstanding individual.  From her life-long passion for reading and great books, her mastery of the art of teaching, her extraordinary human insight and compassion, her unshakeable determination to challenge and nurture children as they deserve, and her sheer zest for living, Westminster School was born.  

Proof that one person can change the world, Mrs. Goll’s legacy has shaped and uplifted thousands of children since she founded the school in 1962.  In turn, those children have taken the knowledge, wide-ranging interests, and sense of rectitude acquired at Westminster School into their adult lives, their careers, and their families, forwarding Mrs. Goll’s influence in countless ways.  A significant number of them have returned to Westminster to join its staff or to bring their own children here to be educated.

Certainly, Mrs. Goll’s vision has been strengthened and expanded through the decades by Mr. Glover, her greatest champion, and many others who have leant their support to the Westminster mission and philosophy.  But Jane Goll stands as the original visionary of Westminster School, a passionate advocate for a classical education of depth and breadth as the means to an exalted life.  

On September 5, the entire Westminster community will recognize this great educator with the establishment of the Jane Goll Scholarship Fund.  Donations will go toward providing an exceptional education to promising children who, otherwise, would not be able to attend Westminster School.  Please give generously so that Mrs. Goll’s legacy will continue to uplift children in the coming year and long into the future.

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