Giving ~ 2012-2013 Griffin Fund in Review

The Griffin Campaign is the biggest initiative our school undertakes to fund its enhanced classical educational program.  Funds raised from this annual giving campaign go directly to the school’s classrooms and your children.  This program directly assists the school and teachers in enriching the programs in all areas, including: academic classes, textbooks and technology improvements, field trips, and the many special events and activities that characterize the Westminster experience.  Funds from the Griffin Campaign also support our capital campaign goals.  The immediate focus of the capital campaign is the athletic field.  

This year, with the generous support of the entire school community, Westminster School received $186,384.30 in donations and $13,999.00 in pledges due.  The donations received are a 26% increase over last year, and participation has increase 42% from last year.  This is a great achievement and reflects all of your support and help.  GO GRIFFINS!

Additional items of interest were the American Girl Art contest and the Buy-A-Brick program. The development department, with the help of Mr. Muntain, some students and parents, entered the American Girl contest for a $10,000 grant.  The students created a gorgeous stained glass mural with a mosaic frame, which is displayed in the school lobby.  If you have not had a chance, please come by and see this beautiful piece of art work. We will keep you posted as to the results, which should be in by the end of September.  

Thanks again to the following volunteer contest participants for their gifts of time and talent:  Mrs. Breen, Mr. Moss, Mr. Muntain, Nina Breen, Mia Brown, Helena Bruck, Kylie Clark, Allison Joe, Catherine Kim, Ejun Kim, Devin Nemirow, Mailon Nguyen, Rebecca Popp, Emily Townsend, Gelila Yimtatu, and Soliana Yimtatu.

The second exciting opportunity is the engravable paver and plaque program.  Many of you have participated by “buying a brick.”  Almost 100 pavers and plaques have been purchased to date.  This is a great start and, once installed, the plaques / bricks will be something for everyone to look at for years to come.  If you have not yet purchased a brick, please visit the school’s website and take a look at the many options you have available to create a memorable brick or plaque for your son, daughter or family member.

We all believe that a Westminster education produces a very special product—a well-educated, well prepared student, who is courteous, polite, knows how to speak and present him/herself well, and has the desire and capability for higher learning.  However, we know how difficult it may be to give during these times, but we also know that our financial support means that Westminster will continue to thrive.  So, once again, as this school year begins, please participate in the Griffin Fund and Capital Campaign.  Remember, it is your participation in these programs that makes the Westminster experience a reality for your children.