Mr. Muntain

Mark Muntain

Mark Muntain

  • K - 8th Art
  • Westminster School
  • B.A., Juniata College, Master’s in Fine Arts, American University Years at Westminster: 12 Years Teaching: 14
  • 703-256-3620

Children have such a unique way of looking at the world; it is a pleasure to help them use their views to create art. It also affords the opportunity to help others, which is why I believe we were placed on this earth.

Mark Muntain has been very fortunate to be able to work with children and create art, which are two of the best things in life. He is the father of Marina, currently in the three year old class at the Griffin Academy.

As the child of two teachers, Mr. Muntain was inspired early on to take up a career in teaching. In his classroom, he emphasizes creativity and spontaneity, and he strives to instill in his students a love of art. One of his favorite “aha!” teaching moments is when the kindergarten class discovers the magic of mixing primary colors to create other colors. An equally rewarding experience from the other end of the age spectrum is seeing the maturation and artistic development of the graduates. Reading and spending time with family occupy the majority of his free time.